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What is the GPA requirement for participating in Formal Fall Recruitment 2017?

Men’s GPA will be verified using the Core GPA from grades 9-11. Only the Core GPA in grades 12, men may submit updates directly to the University of Arizona Office of Admissions utilizes.

GPA Increases:
If there is a significant increase in Core GPA in grade 12, men may submit updates directly to the University of Arizona Office of Admissions at the address below. Only student who have been full-time college GPA information. 

UA Office of Admissions
PO Box 210073
Tucson Arizona 85721-0073

Is there a grade requirement to receive a bid?

2.75 cumulative (CORE) High School GPA if coming straight from high school and a 2.50 cumulative GPA from college.


What if I don’t meet the required minimum GPA?

Unfortunately, there is not an appeals process for students who are under the GPA requirements. We recommend that if you do not meet the grade point requirement, take a semester to focus on academics, get involved with one of the many student clubs at the University of Arizona, and then consider joining a fraternity the following semester. If you choose to continue with the recruitment process, please know that your experience will be severely limited as the majority of fraternities (if not all) will not be able to extend you an invitation for membership, which is why we strongly suggest waiting until you meet the required grade point average


When will I be moving into my residence hall?

If you will be living in a residence hall, you will move-in on Saturday, August 12th. You will receive an email from Residence Life in mid-July or early August with your move-in time, your room assignment, your roommate and instructions to complete Online Pre-Arrival. Residence Life assigns arrival times to control traffic and shorten wait times.  You must be registered for Fraternity Recruitment in order to move-in on Saturday. Questions about recruitment should be directed to Fraternity and Sorority Programs at 520-621-0759, questions about move-in should be directed to Residence Life at 520-621-6501.